10 Beautiful DIY Wedding Ideas

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Summer is the season for weddings! Right about now, all those invites are likely rolling in.  If they aren’t yet, they are coming! One summer I was invited to 10, yes TEN weddings. No joke. It’s crazy enough trying to figure out which weddings to go to, what to wear, what gift to buy and how to pay for the travel and hotel. “Come celebrate with us in Fiji for a week!” Yeah, wish I could. I love you, but no.  But if you are the bride (or groom), the financial stress can be over the top if you are paying for your wedding yourself.  We paid for part of our wedding ourselves and I don’t consider ours to have been extravagant but when we got the credit card bill…. YIKES! But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can DIY a LOT for your wedding and still have it look FABULOUS!  Here are 10 Beautiful DIY Wedding Ideas that will help you keep your budget in check while making your special day unforgettable!

10 Beautiful DIY Wedding Ideas! Weddings are expensive. Save some cash with these DIY  ideas and make your special day look fabulous!

 Watercolor Place Cards



Tissue Paper Pom Poms


Peony Candlestick Centerpieces


Hand Lettered Cocktail Menu


Rustic Wedding Signs


Free Wedding Invitation Template 


Mason Jar Cocktails


Mason Jar Flower Vase


S’More Wedding Favor


Glittered Tea Light Centerpiece


Now, about that bridesmaid dress you want me to wear.

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