10 Crockpot Meals for Busy Weeknights

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Oh.My.Goodness.  This Fall is definitely one of the busiest times I have ever experienced.  With both kids in school full time now, after school time is pretty hectic with homework and sports practices.  Am I right? Fitting it all in before bedtime makes me go a little nuts sometimes. Okay.. a LOT of the time.  So I desperately need some help in the dinner department to make it all run a bit smoother. I LOVE crock pot cooking but unfortunately, I don’t do it as often as I should. But when I do add some Crockpot meals into the mix, I’m a lot less crazy and nuts come dinnertime.  I’m determined to get this whole Fall schedule under control so I’ve put together a list of some amazing Crockpot meals.

10 CrockPot Meals for Busy Weeknights

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Before we get to the delicious meals, I want to let you know that I use a Hamilton Beach Crock Pot.  It is perfect for my family of four.  It holds enough food that we usually have leftovers so it would work for your family of 5 or more too!

And here is my secret weapon that I use to make things even easier… LINERS!  If you have never used these, then you need to get some pronto. They are like plastic wrap for your crock pot. You line your crock pot with them and then toss them after you are done cooking. They make cleaning up a breeze! Perfect for those busy nights. You can thank me later.

The third item that is a definite must for crock pot cooking is a slotted spoon. I use this type of spoon all the time when removing my meal from the crock pot. Any extra liquid is left behind and you are left with a non-soupy meal. Unless you are making soup… then by all means you WANT all the liquid.

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Get your meal plan started with these 10 Crockpot meals for busy weeknights.

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          1. There are no links under the pictures, only pictures lol. I’m in need of some quick easy crockpot meals that are different now that my hubby and I are on 2 different shifts and our kids are too little to cook much, but love to help pack the crockpot lol!! Please help me!! I need flavor and different and your Hawaiian chicken looks delicious!!!

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