12 Easy Christmas Ideas

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Every Christmas season, I tell myself that I am going to get a jump start on everything from decorations to gift buying to menu planning. My plan is to start in early November and be done with everything by Black Friday in order to be able to enjoy the entire month of December and relax without any stress. But who am I kidding, right?  No matter how far in advance you plan, the stress of the holidays always seems to sneak its way in. So in an attempt to make things as stress free as possible,  I’ve compiled 12 easy Christmas ideas from the last few years.  I hope this helps you get organized and gives you some new ideas for the season.

Twelve Easy Christmas Ideas to help make your holiday season stress-free and fun!



Monogram Glitter Bulb Ornament


Fingerprint Snowman Ornament


 Beaded Candy Cane Ornament

beaded candy cane ornament


Monogram Berry Wreath


Gingerbread M&M Wreath


Felt Rosette Wreath



Santa’s Cookie Plate

Santa's Cookie Plate


Christmas Countdown



“Extra” Good Gum Stocking Stuffers Free Printable

Extra Good Gum Stocking Stuffers title #shop

Christmas Planner Free Printables



Easy Giftwrap Idea


Embellished Gift Card Holder

gift card holder

 Got enough ideas to get you started?  Don’t worry, I have tons more coming in the next few months!

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