10 Affordable Fall Pillows to Beautify Your Home

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I’m a pillow hoarder.  I’ve got bags and bags full of them stashed away for every season.   My family thinks I’m nuts with my pillow obsession and they are probably right.  But let’s get real.  Pillows can get expensive. Very expensive.  I once bought pillows that were close to 40 bucks each.  And I bought 3 of them.  One hundred twenty bucks for 3 freakin pillows.  Never again.

Pillows are the easiest way to change up your decor.  They can be the cheapest way too if you know how to do it the right way. And by right way, I mean buying pillow covers . You do use pillow covers, right?  If you haven’t ventured into this area of decor, I’m here to help.

Pillow covers are just what they sound like… covers for pillows. So you only have to buy a few pillow forms and then you can stock up on pillow covers.  One reason I like them is because you can toss them in the wash.  Another reason?  You can fold them flat and they are much easier to store that an actual pillow.

All of these beautiful Fall pillows are under $15! An amazing list of pillow decor from Here Comes the Sun

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1. Happy Fall Y’all  – $9.99 / 2. Cinderella Pumpkin   – $7.99/  3. Hand Lettered  – $8.99

4. Fall Berries Leaves and Branches – $8.98 / 5. Maple Leaf  – $3.89 / 6. Watercolor Arrows

7.  Orange Chevron -$6.01 / 8.  Deer Head – $2.14/ 9.  Pumpkin Watercolor – $14.99

10. Pumpkin and Crow – $6.99

Because a few pillow forms and an assortment of pillow covers is way more affordable than $40.00 pillows.




  1. I just ordered two of the pillows from above from Amazon. It was less than above but you need to pay shipping . Great Deal!! Thanks for publishing

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