Angry Birds Bento Box Lunch

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School starts tomorrow for most kids in my area. Back to the grind of packing backpacks and lunches. How excited would your kid be to open his or her lunchbox and find something special in it? I know my son would love it. Angry Birds is a very big deal in our house so I decided to make him an Angry Birds bento box for his first day of preschool.

Angry Birds themed bento box

I have never done a themed bento box before and this one didn’t take very long at all. I used BabyBell cheese for the birds and Kraft Singles for their beaks. Their eyebrows are raisins and their eyes are candy eyes that you can find in craft stores in the cake decorating section. I used a turkey sandwich and cut it into the blocks that the pigs sit on.

Angry Birds themed bento box

I did not make a pig for this bento box but you could easily make one with a slice of kiwi and some grapes. I filled the res of the box with raisins, grapes and salami.

Angry Birds themed bento box

Here are my suggestions for any bento box:

Use what you know your kids will eat. unfortunately my son is not “tricked” into eating vegetables even if they are presented in a cute way. I know he loves fruit, cheese and sandwiches so I stick to that. I dream of the day when he will get excited to dip a carrot into ranch dressing but alas, he wants nothing to do with it.

Some bento boxes have really deep compartments. Don’t feel the need to fill each one to the top. It makes for a pretty big lunch for a preschooler if you do.

While themed bento boxes are nice, most take way too much time to be done on a regular basis (for me anyway). Save the time intensive bento boxes for special occasions and stick to simple boxes for all other days.

What types of food do you pack in your kids lunches? Do you use bento boxes?

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  1. Well if that’s not the cutest thing ever – I would have been all over this when my kids were young – why did I wait until they were adults to start blogging LOL !!!

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