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Do you have trouble getting your child up and out the door in the morning for school?  Do you receive a blank stare when you ask the quesion “What did you do in school today?”
If so, I think you are going to like what I am sharing with you today.  Amy over at Living Locurto has designed some printables that I adore.

I have used this one since my daughter started preschool.  She loves the colors and even if your child can’t read, the pictures help them get an organized start to their day. Amy has also designed one with blue for your little boy.

This is one that I am going to start to use this year (she just started kindergarten).  I love how it encourages your child to draw things that happened during the day and also write down what happened.

My daughter LOVES to draw and I am hoping that this will give her an outlet to let me know what goes on during her day.  Because when she hops in the car after school and I ask her what she did, she responds with “we went outside for recess” or “I saw (insert friend’s name) at lunch today”.  Now I know that lunch and recess probably rank high on the kindergarten priority list but mommy also wants to know what did you LEARN today? Hopefully it will help her communicate what she learned.

You can find both these printables and more for download at Living Locurto.

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