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Summer is rapidly approaching.  I don’t know what the temperature is where you live, but it has been unseasonably warm for a while now.  I’ve got two kids at home with me all summer long.  EEEK!!!  We tried to get our daughter into the year-round school here but, the odds were just not in our favor.  My head is spinning about how to keep them entertained without breaking the bank.
I don’t think there is anything like bubbles to keep your kids busy for a VERY.LONG.TIME.   The only problem…when the bubble solution spills out of those teeny tiny containers and the fun is cut short.  {cue the mom scream} NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  I am here to help.  Here are a few tips to keep the bubble fun going for hours.



This is key.  I repeat…key.  I got this idea from my friend Laura, here.  I got the container at Target for about 5 bucks.  You may have one laying around if you are southerner and drink sweet tea. With this container, refilling the smaller bubble containers is a breeze.  The toddler crowd will probably think it is fun to open the spigot and leave it open.  You gotta watch them!  But it works for the older kids.  


Are you tired of running to the store every week during the summer for bubble solution?  I make my own solution. The recipe is very simple, found here.

1/4 cup glycerin (found in craft stores)
1 cup Dawn dish detergent
1 gallon hot water.

Let sit overnight for best results.

This is perfect for bigger bubble wands that don’t fit into tiny containers.  It also works with the small wands too. Pour your bubble solution into a pyrex glass dish (or any heavy dish) and place on the ground.  Bubble fun for all and no one drops/spills the container.  Unless your two-year-old terror decides to tip it over and then ask for more bubble solution.  Now THAT is a great game!

But for the most part, it is pretty foolproof.  And any unused solution can be dumped back into the Bubble Refill Container when you are done.





Quick, get the camera. There is a moment where they are getting along!

I’m ready for summer!  Who’s with me?

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