Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs

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It’s the first day of spring but it sure feels more like summer around here. What is the weather like where you live?  Today is such a beautiful day in coastal North Carolina.  I spent the morning at the beach with the kids.  But before we left, I surprised them with a special activity…Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs!  
Here Comes the Sun: Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs
I saw this project over at It’s Overflowing.  Aimee created cute chalkboard paint eggs for her kids.  I thought…”hmmm I can do that.”  Quick, easy, and oh so fun.

I modified my project a bit and used plastic eggs instead of real eggs. I spray painted them with chalkboard paint last night and let them dry. I LOVE chalkboard paint as you can see here.  It was very tempting to test them out last night but I waited until the kids were up this morning.  At first, I sat down to decorate one to show them “how” to do it but then realized there is no right or wrong way so I quickly backed away and let them create.  My daughter wrote her name on one and my son’s were covered with scribbles.
Here Comes the Sun: Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs

Here Comes the Sun: Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs
The only problem I had with this project was that if the kids pressed too hard with the chalk, it would scrape the chalkboard paint off.   But that was ok because since the eggs were colored underneath, it still made pretty designs.  Maybe I need to put more coats of paint on in the future.  Or maybe I need to use real eggs.  My kids have a very “heavy” hand and in my head I had visions of real eggs breaking and meltdowns occurring.  Hence, I went with the plastic eggs.
Here Comes the Sun: Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs
Have you decorated any eggs yet?  


  1. This is such a fabulous Idea. I’ll have to try it.

    Thanks for the follow on GFC I’ll follow you on the way out.

  2. PS followed you on linky followers as that one is working for me and GFC isn’t. Love it if you’d do the same.

  3. I need to by some chalkboard paint. You can use it for so much. Thanks for sharing at Toot Your Horn Tuesday 🙂

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