Chore Chart

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Do your kids whine when you ask them to clean up their room?  And when you finally get them to pick up their toys, do they do it ever so slowly so they can drag it out as long as possible and avoid bedtime?

This is the situation almost daily in our house.  I got pretty fed up so I created a chore chart.  Hopefully this will make doing chores a little bit easier.

This chart is very easy to make.  

I placed white cardstock in a picture frame and used stickers on the front to spell out my children’s names.
I used 3M hooks and placed 3 in each row.

I chose 6 age appropriate tasks:

pick up toys
clear table
clean room
put clothes away
make bed
do homework 

I printed them out on 2×2 squares of cardstock.


I cut out 3×3 pieces of patterned paper and adhered the cardstock to the patterened paper.

I punched a hole in the top and hung each task on hook.

I am planning on hanging the frames in our dining area.

When my children are done with each task, they can flip the card over.  Hopefully this will turn chores into a game and eliminate  reduce the whining.
I’m going to laminate the cards to make them more durable.
How do you get YOUR children to do their chores?  What are your creative solutions?



  1. This is awesome, and so cute! My daughter keeps asking me to make her a chore chart, and being the not-so-crafty person that I am….I never do it. But I’m definitely doing this!!

  2. I actually just got really frustrated this morning trying to get ready for work and seeing crayons and clothes and toys everywhere. My daughter is too young to read, but I think I might make this with pictures to try to get her to clean up after herself better. Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from Whimsically Homemade!

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