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Halloween is almost here!!!  I can barely contain my excitement.  This year, I decided against paying out the wazoo for costumes.  My daughter informed me that she wanted to be a mermaid.  I told convinced her to wear her Ariel dress-up dress and promised that I would buy a few sparkly accessories to go with it.  We found a cute tiara and wand.  Since this is probably the last year that I will be able to dress my son up with what *I* want, I made him a crab costume to go with Ariel.

Here are my two cuties at a recent Halloween Party.  My son was supposed to be wearing red pants and he WAS wearing them earlier in the day. That is, until we had a diaper incident. Hence the brown pants in the picture.  My daughter looks less than enthused to be sitting next to her younger brother. But they are BOTH looking at the camera which NEVER happens.

Here is what you need for the crab costume:
Red pants 
Red long-sleeve shirt
Red ribbon or fabric
Floral Wire
Styrofoam balls
Sharpie marker
Repurposed lobster costume (or make your own claws)
Glue gun
Cut off the t-shirt sleeves and leave approx. 3/4 of the length.
My friend graciously gave me a lobster costume.  When I realized it was too small for my son, I decided to cut off the claws and attach them to the shirt.  You could also make your own claws by cutting out a two claw templates from posterboard and covering them with red fabric or color them red. Attach to wrist with string or rubber band.
Here is how I repurposed the lobster costume:
I cut the claws off of the original costume and left enough fabric so that when I attached them to the t-shirt, the claws would lay right where the cuffs of the sleeves were.  
I turned the claws inside out and slid them up the existing sleeves.  I pinned them in place and sewed with a straight stitch.
After sewing, I turned the claws right-side-out.
Headband Directions:
Wrap the headband with red fabric or ribbon.
Twist the floral wire around the top of the headband.
Push a styrofoam ball onto each piece of wire
Using a sharpie, draw a black circle onto each styrofoam ball.
Now you have yourself an inexpensive crab costume that can pair nicely with your little girl’s mermaid costume! 
 Here is a better pic of my daughter.  At least she is smiling in this one!


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  1. Your crab costume is so cute! Good idea to repurpose the lobster costume. I love the Little Mermaid theme too!

    My oldest is wearing his Mario Bros costume again from last year (still fits) and my other boy is wearing a dragon costume but we are going to pretend he is Bowser and Lila is going to dres up as Princess Peach for pictures so we will have a whole Super Mario theme.

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