Cutter’s 2nd Birthday

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Cutter turned 2 this past Friday and we had an airplane themed birthday for him at a local park.  The boy is OBSESSED with airplanes so I knew this theme would be perfect.  I was originally planning on having a joint party for my kids in mid-October with a pumpkin theme but he became so interested in airplanes in the past few months I knew I had to save the pumpkin idea for next year.

To get started, I ordered these adorable invites from Nounces on Etsy.  When I saw these, I was blown away by the creativity of this design.

I was just planning on ordering the invites but when I saw the cute party decorations she offered, I ordered the party package. I love decorating for parties and these packages make it so simple.  You just print at home, cut and you are done!

When the kids arrived, they picked up their captain badges for CM Airlines at the Baggage Check-In.

I laminated these so they would be sturdier than just regular cardstock and also waterproof.  I punched a hole in the top and threaded some string through.

The Check-In table was decorated with a wooden letter “C” painted red and some toy airplanes that I snagged from my son’s room.  Cost of these decorations.. zero.  I had everything on hand.

For the food, I again went with the airplane theme, labeling the spread “In-Flight Meal” and had ham, roast beef, and turkey sandwiches packaged in containers that you would receive on an airplane.  That is, back when airlines served meals at all.  I ordered a sandwich platter from the local grocery store but you could go a cheaper route and make the sandwiches yourself.  I also had individual packages of chips.

On the “Beverage Cart”, guests had their choice of soda, water, or juice.

And finally, the “Dessert Tray” featured cupcakes (made and frosted by me) with cute toppers.

I kept the activities of the day fairly simple since there was a playground nearby for added entertainment.  This kids decorated paper airplanes and then had fun flying them around.

The goodie bags were located at the Baggage Claim Area

For the goodie bags, I made suitcases out of cereal boxes and spraypainted them silver.  I personalized each suitcase with the child’s name using my Cricut.  Each suitcase contained a small wooden airplane to paint and assemble.

I also made cookies in the shape of an airplane, decorated with a number two.  I packaged them in cello bags and attached a label to each bag. I displayed them in a food carrier that resembled a suitcase.

After gathering their luggage and a treat at the Baggage Claim, the kids stamped their passports before departing the party.

I think the birthday boy really enjoyed his day.

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  1. That is just absolutely amazing, Kelly! You did a fantastic job with everything and Cutter looks like he had a really great time.

  2. What an adorable birthday party! I love all the details like the sandwiches in containers and the cereal box suitcases. You are so creative!!

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