DIY Birdbath

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One of my goals this year is to get the kids out helping in the garden more. We have this area in our backyard and I have tried for years to make it spectacular. However, nothing that I plant seems to grow. The only things that do well are the azaleas and the irises which were there when we moved in. So this year, I have given it over to the kids to make their own garden this year. One of the first things we did was make a DIY Birdbath.

Create this unique DIY Birdbath from an old ashtray!

Most birdbaths are low to the ground. I like this one because it is up high and you can see the birds splashing around. Can you guess what it’s made out of? If you guessed….. an ashtray from the 70s…. Ding ding ding….you win the prize! But seriously, no prize today. But you do get a super easy tutorial.

We found this ashtray at a thrift store. Actually, I wouldn’t call it a store. It’s more like a garage and it is packed floor to ceiling with all sorts of awesome. My husband went with us for the first time the day we bought it and his first reaction was “I can’t believe you’ve been keeping this place a secret from me”.

So, get your hands on an old ashtray. Ours is glass. You will also need something to support the birdbath. We used a piece of metal conduit that was left over from this project.

There aren’t too many steps to this tutorial All you do is pound the end of the metal conduit with a hammer until the ends are flared out. This gives a bit more surface area for the ashtray to sit on.

Create this unique DIY Birdbath from an old ashtray!

After you have a good surface for your glass ashtray to sit on, adhere it to the metal conduit using a 2  part 5-minute epoxy. (aff. link)

Create this unique DIY Birdbath from an old ashtray!

Then find a nice spot in your yard or garden and give the birds their very own custom birdbath. Here is our garden. When it blooms, it is really pretty. But like I said, none of it is my doing. It was all there when we moved in.  Except the tire garden and the wagon. Those are little touches that we added.

Create this unique DIY Birdbath from an old ashtray!

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  1. Hi Kelly. I just love this idea. It is ideal for any size garden and porch. Thanks so much for sharing. Pinned for later 🙂

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