When to DIY and When to Buy

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If you are a regular follower of my blog, you know that I do a LOT of Home Decor DIY projects. A lot. But I pick and choose what to DIY and what is not worth my time.  I see a whole ton of amazing DIY projects on Pinterest. I pin them and then I actually go to the blog to see exactly how it’s done. Sometimes they are genius and sometimes they’re just not. Sorry to the original DIY-er but you really have to know When to DIY and When to Buy. So I decided to put together these tips.

When to DIY and when to buy


If I want something custom for my home, I will usually DIY it. But for me personally, it has to be relatively easy and it has to cost less than it would be to buy it in a store. Take for example, my DIY Bay Window Curtain Rod.  This is one of my most popular posts and people can’t believe how easy and cheap it is.  I had most of  the supplies on hand and was able to create a customized piece with minimal effort.


 My Sunburst Mirror is also a favorite DIY of mine.  This project took a bit of time and LOTS of hot glue but it was soooo worth it.  Have you ever checked out the prices of these beauties in the stores?  CA-RA-ZY!  This one is made with wooden skewers ( a couple bucks at the grocery store) and some spray paint. Take THAT, Pottery Barn. No, seriously, I don’t know if Pottery Barn sells these but if they do, they are a gazillion Benjamins.


Another example is our DIY Hammock Stand. This was more labor intensive and to be honest, my husband drew up the plans and built it. I think the total cost was around $40.00, way cheaper than any hammock stand we looked at in the store. If building is something you like to do, go for it and DIY-it.  It’s almost always cheaper to build than to buy.


Another reason when I choose to DIY instead of buy is when I have an area of my house that needs custom built furniture. We have a small nook in our living room that I have been wanting to fill up with a built-in bookcase. The dimensions of the nook are not standard so pre-fab furniture is not going to work. We will need to build the piece ourselves to get a perfect fit.

When to Buy

Sometimes it just makes sense to go to the store and buy an item instead of DIY it. If you don’t like to DIY, by all means, go buy it. But if you are an avid reader of this blog, you probably enjoy a DIY project every now and  then.  If the DIY project is going to take a a ton of time that you just don’t have, it might be worth it to buy your item.  My rule of thumb is if you can make the item in a reasonable amount of time for less than what it costs in the store, I DIY it.


I hope these tips help you decide what to do when considering your next project or purchase.

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