DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

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My office space really needs some sprucing up. Notice how I said office space and not office. I don’t exactly have a separate office, it’s more like a wall in my bedroom. And that wall needs some serious color. So I made a Fabric Covered Bulletin Board.

Create this easy Fabric Covered Bulletin Board for your home office!

You will need:
Cork board
Rotary cutter or scissors
Push pins

Fabric covered bulletin board

The cork board that I bought was thin so I used 2 pieces and held them together with push pins.

bulletin board

bulletin board2

Cut your fabric with the rotary cutter to scissors to fit your cork board. If you have a fabric that has a pattern, make sure to cut it so the pattern is centered on the cork board.  My pattern is a bright yellow chevron. I absolutely love yellow chevron. My favorite DIY project to date are my yellow chevron curtains. Everyone needs a bit more sunny yellow chevron in their life, don’t ya think? Turn the cork board and fabric over. Cut the corners as shown below so the is no bulk when you fold the corners over. I had to adjust my fabric to center the pattern that is why there is more fabric on the right side, below.

bulletin board 3

Fold the corners over and secure them to the back with push pins. You can also use a hot glue gun but I like to change things up a lot and will probably move the bulletin board and need to change the fabric,  hence the push pins.

bulletin board 4

Super easy, right?  This beauty is going up over my desk!

Create this easy Fabric Covered Bulletin Board for your home office!


  1. Kelly this is perfect! I just bought a bulletin board for my craft room and was just thinking I needed to cover it before I put it up, thanks for the tutorial! Can’t wait to meet you at SNAP next week.

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