DIY Trick-or-Treat Bag

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Can you believe that it’s already October? You know what that means, right? Halloween will sneak up and Boo you if you don’t watch out! This year I decided to make a personalized DIY Trick-or-Treat Bag for each kid. 

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag via

It was super easy with my Silhouette, vinyl and some Americana Multi-Surface paint. 

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag via
I purchased a black canvas bag at my local craft store. My daughter decided that she wanted a witch on the bag so we picked out a witch pattern from the Silhouette store. Then, I resized the pattern to fit the bag and cut it out on vinyl. I used the negative portion of cutout as a stencil and placed it onto the bag.  Make sure your vinyl is pressed down good so your paint won’t seep under the edges.

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag via

After I made sure it was all nice and stuck, my daughter used a stencil brush and a pouncing technique to paint the witch. The key to this technique is not to overload the brush with paint. Then you just dab the paint on.

DIY  Halloween Trick or Treat Bag via
DIY  Halloween Trick or Treat Bag via

Peel off the stencil while the paint is still somewhat wet to reveal your awesome trick-or-treat bag.

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag via

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag via

I can’t wait to make my son’s.  He has requested a ghost with the word BOO!

What’s your favorite part of Halloween? The tricks or the treats?

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  1. Hello – did you try this craft with Tulip Glow in the Dark Paint? Also – can you provide more suggestions for stencils?
    I’m hosting a Halloween party and I am going to make the kids area, a glow party. Their craft I’m still deciding on — and so far thinking they can paint their own canvas totes! Any help you can provide would be most appreciated.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Denise. I made a bag for my son using glow in the dark paint. I don’t remember if it was Tulip brand. If you don’t have a paper cutter, you can easily make your own stencil by printing out a graphic and cutting it out using a craft knife.

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