Drop Cloth Porch Curtains

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Year after year I try to make my back porch look more inviting and like a relaxing oasis. There has always been something missing and this year I figured out what it was… curtains. So I made some Drop Cloth Porch Curtains and my porch now looks fabulous.

Make these drop cloth porch curtains for about $10 per panel!

What you’ll need to make your curtains (affiliate links):

3M Outdoor Hooks

Curtain rod or metal conduit

2 Drop cloths (9’x6′)

Curtain ring clips

First, stick the outdoor hooks to your porch structure. I chose to use these hooks because our porch enclosure is made of vinyl and we rent so I didn’t want to drill a gazillion holes into the vinyl. If your enclosure is made of wood, you can use curtain brackets. If using hooks, make sure to read the directions. These needed to stick to the vinyl for an hour before I could put the curtain rod on them.  I know, an hour seems like a very long time to wait when you are so excited to get a project done. But believe me, you don’t want your curtains to come crashing down. Before you place your curtain rod onto the brackets/hooks, you will want to slide the curtain clips onto the rod. After that, place your curtain rod or metal conduit onto the hooks/brackets.

Make these drop cloth porch curtains for about $10 per panel!

Using the curtain clips, attach the drop cloth to the curtain rod. Depending on how tall your porch ceiling is, the drop cloth fabric may pool up on the floor. You can either cut it and hem it or you can leave it as is like I did. I like the way it looks all pooled up at the bottom but that’s not everyone’s thang. The drop cloths are machine washable and can be easily taken down and washed if needed.

Make these drop cloth porch curtains for about $10 per panel!

I tied my curtains back with burlap because it is what I had in my craft closet. I’ll probably get a prettier tie-back soon but for now this does the job.

Make these drop cloth porch curtains for about $10 per panel!

Make these drop cloth porch curtains for about $10 per panel!


Make these drop cloth porch curtains for about $10 per panel!

I love the way my drop cloth curtains add a little bit of sophistication to my porch. I’ll be enjoying lots of drinks out there this summer and I’ll make sure to save you a seat!


    1. To make it mildew proof, some kind of exterior paint or water resistant sealer would work I would think? (But I also live in the desert, so what do I know about mildew ??‍♀️)

  1. Hi , Where did you get the drop clothes. The ones I see at Lowes/home depot seem so stiff/hard. Did you wash them before hanging them?

    1. I bought them at Lowes. I didn’t wash them before using them but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to do so if the ones that you buy are stiff.

  2. I have worked with drop cloth fabric. I washed mine first and found the fabric will shrink. If you plan on hemming these curtains, my advice would be to wash them first before making any cuts.

  3. Love this!! Thanks so much for the tips. How did you hang your lights and those lanterns? Do you have a link to the things you stuck on ceiling?? I rent too:)

    1. Hi Arielle! To hang the lanters, we actually had to drill small holes into the ceiling to install the hooks. The lights are hung with hooks made for hanging string lights. They are self adhesive. Make sure you get ones that are specifically designed for outdoor use.

  4. What did you use for the finials? Best ones I’ve seen yet. Wasn’t sure if I could do something similar with pvc rod. Thanks! Looks great!

  5. This looks great! Another option I have seen if you don’t want them to pool on the floor is to fold them over at the top before clipping the rings on. The clips hold the fold in place and you can’t even see the extra fabric because it’s in the back. I haven’t tried it, but I saw it online and it looked ike a great idea!

  6. Kelly, I had a seamstress whip these up for me over a year ago and I LOVE them! Question – they have mildewed in some areas and I need to clean them – I was afraid to put them in the washer – How do you clean yours? Also wondering if there is a product to keep them cleaner or make them easier to clean in the future…thoughts??

    Thanks so much! Kristi

    1. Hi Kristi,
      I’m so glad that you love the curtains. We have since moved from our old home and I am not able to use my curtains anymore. But when mine got dirty/mildew stained, I put them in the washer. You could try a product like Oxi Clean for the mildew and a product like Scotch Guard to protect the fabric after the mildew is removed. Also, camping stores may have tent sprays that are used to prevent mold and mildew on canvas tents.

      1. Excellent ideas! Didn’t think of camping stores, but I’m sure they have something! Thanks so much!

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