Fingerprint Snowman Ornament

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I heard from a friend the other day that she went to get her ornaments out of her shed and the box had filled with water and ALL the ornaments were ruined; everything from when she was a kid and all the ornaments that her kids had made over the years.

I would have a serious meltdown if that happened to us.  I think I am going to schedule a playdate at our house and make some ornaments so she can start to rebuild her collection.

This Fingerprint Snowman Ornament is definitely on my list:

Fingerprint snowman ornament

You will need:

Clear ornament
White tempera or acrylic paint

Pour some white paint onto a plate and then brush the paint onto your child’s hand.  This makes everything a little less gloppy.  

Have your child cup their hand around the ornament and press with their fingers (not too hard though; you don’t want the ornament to break.)

Place the ornament to dry in the ornament box or an egg carton.

When it is dry, use a sharpie marker to give your snowman a face, hat and scarf.

Don’t forget to write the year on the bottom!

Fingerprint snowman ornament

I’m so excited to add to our handmade ornament collection this year. 

What would be the first ornament you would make if you had to start your collection over?


  1. I’ve pinned this, and I have the things to make it. I’m so glad to know you can add the details with a Sharpie…I’d bought red, green, and black paint for that…but I don’t fully trust my hand to be steady with a paintbrush for those little details. 🙂

  2. I love this Kelly! What a great gift idea, too!
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