Firecracker Art

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I’m in a July 4th frenzy right now!  Is anyone else?
My kids (and I) are very excited about the festivities this week. 

Here is an easy craft that I did with them to help get ready for the celebration.





Red and blue tempera paint
Pipe cleaners
White cardstock




Twist your pipe cleaners together to form a firecracker shape.  Make a “handle” at the top for the kids to hold onto.
Dip the pipe cleaners into red and blue paint.

Stamp the pipe cleaners onto the white cardstock.



That’s it!  Simple, quick and worthy of the fridge!




What crafts are you doing with your kids to celebrate this holiday?



  1. Creative! I never would have thought to use pipe cleaners to paint with! Thanks again for linking up with us! :):)

  2. Kelly, I just love this idea, and it really looks like fireworks! Thanks so much for sharing!


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