Free Watercolor Clip Art – Blue Hues

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It’s no secret, I love watercolors.  Painting with watercolors is so relaxing and fun.  I’ve been following lots of tutorials lately like this one and am really enjoying this trend. I really love blue hues so the other day I made some watercolor clip art that reminds me of the ocean and the salty air. Because I am a saltwater girl at heart after all.

This watercolor clip art is gorgeous! I can't wait to use it!

I think my favorite might be the one on the bottom left.  It reminds me of a crashing wave.  I really love how these turned out. Don’t know what to do with clip art? You can use it to make gorgeous designs like this one:

The files are located in my Resource Library which you can access by subscribing to my email list.

If you love this watercolor clip art set, check out my pink and purple set or some other great sets here.


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