Glitter Nails

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Do you have a little girl who loves all things sparkly and shiny?  Well, I do.  And she loves to paint her fingernails.  Sometimes I go into her room and the first thing that hits me is the smell of nail polish.  I immediately starts looking for spills and I usually find the nail polish open and within reach of my almost 2-year-old son. Not a good situation.  I’ve seen glitter nails on Pinterest lately and thought I’d give it a try.  I tested it on myself before attempting it on my daughter.
You need:
Clear nail polish
Three steps:
Put on a coat of clear nail polish.   
While nail is still wet, dip nail in glitter. Shake off the excess.
Put a topcoat of clear nail polish on to seal the glitter
We did this while she was watching a movie in order to keep her distracted from the process since it is a bit more time consuming than a regular coat of nail polish.  She loves them.  The glitter should last a few days at least.  She nicks her nails a lot and some has started to come off (hence the picture of only three fingers, above).  This would be a cute activity at a little girl’s birthday party.  I may use it at my daughter’s princess party this fall.


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  1. I love this great, simple idea! I’ll have to share it with my 8 year old daughter. She’s really into doing nails right now. She learned to give a basic manicure at Girl Scouts and now she wants to give one to everybody! Thanks for sharing on It’s Playtime!

  2. My almost 3 yr old girl would LOVE this – she sports nail polish, and is always demanding glitter on crafts… Perfect combination!

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