Goal Tracking Printable and Motivational Print

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Crush your goals with this goal tracking printable and motivational print.

A sub 2 hour half marathon.  That’s my goal. Every time I say it, I ask myself “is this even possible for me”?  For you non-runners, that’s an average pace of 9:09 minutes per mile. So go out and run that pace for a mile and see how you feel. Then do it 12 more times. And THEN tack on an additional 1/10 of a mile because the race doesn’t stop at 13 miles… nope… it’s 13.1. To tackle a goal like this, I need some serious motivation and a goal tracking printable.

At the half marathon that I ran earlier this year, I came so so close to the 2 hour mark. I crossed the finish line utterly exhausted at 2:03:43. This is me down that final stretch putting on the best face I could. I was definitely NOT feeling this way inside. 

So in order to finally reach my goal, I’ve stepped it up. I’ve got a coach and a serious training plan and I’ve been getting up for practice at 5 am 3 times/week for the past couple of months. And let me assure you, I am not pleasant to be around at 5 am. But I get up out of bed because I don’t want any excuses come race day.

goal tracking printable and motivational print

What I’ve learned during this training season is it’s not just about the running. Running is just part of it. It’s everything else that can make the difference: proper nutrition, proper sleep, strength training, hill workouts, and RECOVERY DAYS (those are my favorite). As part of my recovery, Aleve Back & Muscle Pain works best on my aches and pains and allows me to keep working toward my goal so I make sure to stock up at Walmart so I always have it on hand. Only Aleve offers up to 12 hours of pain relief in just 1 pill*. All Day Strong, All Day long. *Among leading OTC brands, based on minimum labeled dosing. Use as directed.


goal tracking printable

It’s all a bit overwhelming sometimes but with any goal, the key is just tracking everything and taking baby steps toward that goal. I created a free goal tracking printable for you AND a motivational print to help keep you moving toward YOUR goal, whatever that may be.

goal tracking printable and motivational print

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