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I’m so excited to have Rachel from “I Heart Crafty Things” guest post today.  She has an amazing blog with tons of crafts for kids. I’m inspired by her creativity each time I visit.  Today, she is kind enough to share two great crafts with my readers… and both are “Out of this World”…..

Hi, this is Rachel from I Heart Crafty Things. I am a stay at home Mom to 3 super cute kiddos and you will quickly learn from visiting my blog that we LOVE doing crafts at our house. I always try to correlate our crafts with children’s books and activities we do as a family. I’ve found that sometimes it gets difficult coming up with crafts that both my First Grader and Preschooler enjoy, but this Summer we had a Space week and we completed a couple projects that both my kids absolutely adored! I’m super excited that Kelly asked me to guest post today to share them with you. First, we created a Moon Masterpiece. I wanted my kids to have an understanding that the Moon had craters and texture, so we used a special painting technique to make our Moon have texture. You can see from this picture how cool it looks once it’s all dry.

Our favorite Moon book we read was “Happy Birthday, Moon” by Frank Asch. Love this Story!!

It’s about a Bear who thinks it would be fun to get the Moon a Birthday present. He climbs up to the top of a mountain to talk to the Moon and he really thinks the Moon is talking back to him, only it’s really just his own echo. My kids LOVED this story. They giggled and giggled and it was lots of fun!

Let me show the secret technique to creating our Moon Masterpiece.

Materials you will need: 
-black sheet of card stock paper 
(I used construction paper but if I had to do it again I would pick card stock because of the thick paint)
 -white crayon 
-cereal bowl (to trace the Moon shape) 
-white paint 
-paint brush
 -Empty bottle with plastic cap on it 
(we used an empty water bottle)
 -gold star stickers 
1. Trace your cereal bowl onto your black paper with the white crayon.

2. Mix together white paint with flour until it is the consistency of cottage cheese, and paint that onto your Moon circle. There isn’t really a ratio of paint to flour. I started by putting my paint in a container first, then adding flour a little at a time until it reached the consistency of cottage cheese. It does require a lot of the mixture to paint the Moon so be warned you will be using quite a lot of white paint. Also, the idea is to paint it on thick and not smooth. The more texture, the better!

3. While the paint is still wet, press your circular plastic cap onto your Moon all over to create the craters. Then let the paint dry completely. Since it was thick, we let it sit over night.

4. Add some gold star stickers for finishing touches.

Our next craft was so fun that I went ahead and created one right along with my kids! (I love feeling like a kid again) I call it our “Out of this World” Craft. Hands down, creating our own Universe scene was the craft my kids loved more than any other this Summer.
Here is mine
Andy’s (6yrs)
Luke (4yrs)


I am a HUGE fan of art that has several different layers to it like this one. I think it really gives children a chance to be imaginative and create exactly what they want to. After we finished this project my 6 yr old said, “Can we make this again tomorrow?” That is how much they loved it! This is how we created this cool project. 
Materials you will need: 
-Black sheet of card stock paper 
-spray bottle 
(I bought one at Wal-Mart for .97)
 -white paint 
-a variety of bright colored pieces of card stock paper to make planets 
(we used red, green, blue and yellow) 
-glue stick
 -glitter glue
-star stickers 
1. Put a small amount of white paint inside a spray bottle and dilute it down with water.

2. Spray a couple sprays onto your black sheet of paper. This creates that Galaxy look to your picture. Let the paint dry completely. It was sunny outside so it only took like 10 minutes to dry.

It really only takes a couple light sprays. Ours looked liked this after spraying.

3. Draw different sized circles onto a variety of brightly colored pieces of card stock. These are Planets so we didn’t want them all to be the same size.

4. Cut out the circles and glue them onto your black paper.

5. Add whatever details you’d like to your Planets with crayons and glitter glue.

My boys loved using the glitter glue for a ring around a Planet.


Andy suggested we make shooting stars. He even came up with the idea to add the gold star on the end of the tail. He is a Genius, I know! hahaha And I totally copied HIS idea on my own Universe, I’m such a copy-cat. LOL!

And there you have it….An “Out of This World” Craft.
Here are a couple books that go great with this craft.
“The Planets in our Solar System” by Franklyn Branley.
“There’s No Place Like Space” by Tish Rabe.
We love all the Dr. Suess Books at our house like this!
I hope you enjoyed our Space crafts! Make sure you stop by I Heart Crafty Things to say hello and see what else we’ve been up to.
Happy Crafting!!

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