How to Create Beautiful Chalkboard Art {Tutorial}

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Have you ever wondered how to create amazing chalkboard art?  Me too. For a long time I thought that this type of project was way beyond my skill set.  Guess what? It’s not. There are lots of tutorials out there for the digital version of chalkboard art but I’m going to give you tips so you can create beautiful art on a real chalkboard.

Chalkboard Art Tutorial from #chalkboard

Since this is the first one that I did, I kept it fairly simple.  I would advise starting small and simple and working your way up to more elaborate designs.

Here are some useful tips when creating chalkboard art.

I was never aware that this made a difference but it does. Take a look at the picture below.  The top word was written with dry chalk.  The bottom word was written with wet chalk.  Which looks better?

Chalkboard Art Tutorial from #chalkboard

Using wet chalk allows the chalk to glide along the chalkboard surface and it creates a cleaner (and thicker) line. However, do not get it sopping wet or you will just end up with a pool of water on your chalkboard.  Dip the chalk in a bowl of water and then pat it  on a paper towel before writing. Your writing will appear faint at first. After a few seconds, it will darken.

When you are beginning, pick a few simple fonts to use.  Once you get comfortable with the process you can gradually work your way up to more complicated fonts and designs.

Chalkboard Art Tutorial from #chalkboard

By printing out your design to scale, you can lay it out on your chalkboard to ensure that you have enough space.  For my project, I did not print it out but only because the design was simple and I knew it would fit. However, I did type it up in a Word Document for reference.  If you are doing several words or phrases you will want to print it out.

When writing your text and designs, keep “thickening” your lines until you get them the way you want. If you make a mistake, A q-tip dipped in water is a great tool to use to get that edge or shape that you want.   
Chalkboard Art Tutorial from #chalkboard
I’m excited to begin creating new chalkboard art for every new season and holiday.

Have you created any chalkboard art lately?  Leave a link in the comments.  I would love to take a look at yours.


  1. I am loving the looks of this, I’m just not sure I have the patience. 😉 Looks great, Kelly!!

  2. Oh wow, great tips! I was feeling the same way…didn’t want computer fonts, wanted tips on the real thing. Thanks so much. wet chalk…brilliant!

  3. The little framed chalkboard will make a cute gift too. I used a damp paper towell on the chalkboard before writing on the board that produced a nice affect too.

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