IKEA Dresser Makeover

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Raise your hand if you have a piece of IKEA furniture in your house. Now raise your hand if you are getting kinda sick and tired of it and want to update it. Me too. Don’t get me wrong… I love me some IKEA. But the furniture that I have just isn’t my style anymore.  The good thing about IKEA is that their furniture is sleek, modern and easy to update.  My latest project is this IKEA Dresser Makeover for my son’s room.

IKEA Dresser Makeover | herecomesthesunblog.net

This dresser has served many purposes. It was first bought for my daughter’s nursery over 7 years ago.  Here is how it looked back then.


Nothing special. Kind of plain.  After we bought my daughter her “big girl” furniture, this dresser got relegated to the basement. Or as we used to call it “the showroom” because that is where all our unused furniture ended up. I swear we had enough furniture down there to furnish a whole other house.

Fast forward to now and I was trying to figure out what to do for a new dresser for my son’s room. He outgrew his baby dresser and I did not want to fork out the cash for a new one. The IKEA dresser was now living in our garage and being used as a tool chest. I decided that the tools would just have to find another home because this dresser was the perfect size and shape for my son’s updated room.

The makeover was quite simple.  First, I took off all the hardware and gave everything a good sanding with an electric palm sander to get the glossy finish off. To paint the dresser,  I used Valspar Ultra paint and primer in one in Muted Ebony. I made sure to get low VOC because I knew we would be painting indoors. I applied it with a roller and used a sponge brush to get into any areas the the roller did not reach. Most of the dresser only took one coat. I had to touch up a few areas  that I had used the sponge brush on. I was very impressed with how this paint covers and it goes to show that if you do the proper prep work, your furniture will come out looking a ton better than if you just rush and don’t sand. Paint and primer in one is key too! Pay the extra bucks to save yourself a step.  I spray painted the hardware to match his bookshelves and then screwed them back onto the dresser after they dried. Always Always take hardware off before painting. It is so much easier than taping around the hardware and it comes out looking a lot more professional. I love the sleek design of the dresser and how the updated drawer pulls tie in with the industrial looking bookshelf.  Perfect for an airplane themed room.

And that’s about it. Not very hard at all but what a transformation!

IKEA Dresser Makeover | herecomesthesunblog.net

I love taking something  that was relegated to the garage and giving it new life!

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