Jingle All the Way Napkin Ring

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Tis the Season to be Jolly
(take it Russ…)
In our house, we have an after-Thanksgiving tradition. We break out the movie “Christmas Vacation” and watch it while we decorate the tree. This year, I’m excited to be adding another handmade item to our holiday decorations.

jingle bell napkin ring

I had a field day at Hobby Lobby’s sale last weekend.  It was so hard to control myself from walking out with the entire stock of Christmas decorations.  I showed some restraint and just picked up what I needed for this craft.  Then I took inventory of the rest of the store for my next visit 🙂

To make this festive craft, you will need:

Jingle bells
Pipe cleaners

(It doesn’t get much easier than that, right?)

jingle bell napkin ring

Step 1:  String your jingle bells onto the pipe cleaners

Step 2:  Take one end of each strand and twist together

Step 3:  Twist the jingle bell strands together

Step 4:  Bring the strands together so they form a circle and twist to secure.

jingle bell napkin ring

These will look so pretty on your holiday table.

jingle bell napkin ring

jingle bell napkin ring

Do you have any special items for your table?  I would love to see them.  Leave me a link below.


  1. Those look great! And I think they’d be easy enough for my kiddos to string the bells, too. Thanks for the idea (again!)!

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