Lemon Berry Ice Cream Pie

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Summer may be coming to a close but there is still plenty of time to enjoy a delicious summer treat… my Lemon Berry Ice Cream Pie.  This delicious frozen treat has only a few ingredients and is super quick to whip up. Lemon, strawberries, AND ice cream?  Sign me up!

This Lemon Berry Ice Cream Pie is so delicious and so easy to make!


Graham cracker pie crust
1 pint Strawberry ice cream, softened
Lemon curd
Cool Whip
Fresh strawberries

Place a layer of strawberry ice cream into the pie crust. Freeze 2 hours or until firm.

Spread lemon curd over ice cream and freeze until firm.

Remove from freezer and let stand for 10 minutes. Top with Cool Whip and fresh strawberries. You could also add the Cool Whip at the same time as the lemon curd so the entire pie will be frozen. I chose to just top it with Cool Whip after the other layers were frozen.

lemon berry ice cream pie

I substituted lemon jello for the lemon curd only because I could not find lemon curd in my grocery store. I would suggest using the lemon curd if you can find it. The jello froze at a different consistency than the ice cream but that could just be that my freezer is super cold.

Keep a few of these in your freezer for an easy go-to dessert. Treat yourself to a piece when the kids go back to school! And enjoy it in peace and quiet!


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