How to Make Laundry Easier and Faster with Suavitel Fabric Softener

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How many of you out there hate doing laundry? Me too. I don’t mind the actual task of doing the laundry; I just don’t like how long the process takes. Wash, dry, fold. Repeat. Over and over. And over. So I’ve put together tips on how to make the task of laundry a little easier. From quick ways to collect the laundry to using the right type of fabric softener. Because the quicker the laundry gets done, the more time you have to enjoy other things in life.

Simple tips to make laundry easier and faster! #FastDrySaveTime #shop

1. Create a system. Systems work. Maybe you designate a certain day to do the laundry. Maybe you do laundry when the hampers are full. Whatever your system is, stick to it.

2. Involve your children.  If you have little ones, put them to work! They love to help.  Purchase inexpensive hampers and teach them how to place their dirty clothes into the hamper. When the hamper is filled up, have them bring the hamper from their room to the laundry room.  After the laundry is dry, have them help fold the clothes and put their clothes away.

Simple tips to make laundry easier and faster! #FastDrySaveTime #shop

 3. Use products that make the job quicker and easier. I use detergent tabs. Is this the cheapest form of detergent? No. But for me, it is the easiest. There is no messy measuring of liquid or powder and the kids can easily help by dropping a tab into the washer. If you want the convenience of tabs without the price tag, there are many tutorials on how to make your own.

Simple tips to make laundry easier and faster! #FastDrySaveTime #shop

 Fabric softener is also key to quicker laundry.  Suavitel Fast Dry is a unique fabric softener that helps clothes dry 30% faster. Walmart has a huge selection of Suavitel Fast Dry.

Simple tips to make laundry easier and faster! #FastDrySaveTime #shop

4. Keep your laundry room items organized. Whether you organize with baskets or on shelves, organization makes tasks go quicker.

5. Remove items from the dryer immediately after the drying cycle ends. I’ll be honest. I don’t do this very often and I kick myself when I don’t do it.  I hate ironing even more than I hate laundry but I end up ironing almost every item of clothing because I am lazy and I leave the laundry in the dryer. I even have a sign in my laundry area that says “I don’t feel like folding laundry so I just restart the dryer”. Restarting the dryer is a solution but not a very energy efficient one. Remove laundry promptly and fold.

When I use these tips, I find that I have more time in my days to spend with my kids. Do you ever find yourself telling your kids “Just let me finish (insert task) and then I’ll have time to play with you”   One task turns into another and soon it’s bedtime and I realize I never played that game I promised them. In our house, getting chores done as quickly as possible is the key to having more quality time with the kids.  What will you do with the time that you save by using these tips?

Simple tips to make laundry easier and faster! #FastDrySaveTime #shop

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