Mason Jar Luminaries

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We have a screened-in back porch perfect for relaxing and sipping margaritas or your adult beverage of choice after a long day. When we first moved in, it was bare and plain, obviously. It needed some pizazz. I have always liked the look of those strings of lights that people hang from their porch. No, not the Christmas lights… the ones that look like little lanterns. And I have a love for glass jars. I decided to combine the two. I call them Mason Jar Luminaries.

Here Comes the Sun: Mason Jar Luminaries

Here is what you need:
1. Three Mason jars. I used 2 large ones and one smaller one. The largest one (the one that will be used at the top) has a metal handle on it.
2. Floral wire
3. Tea light holders
4. Tea lights
5. Glue gun
6. Tongs
7. wooden spoon or something similar with long handle.

Step 1:
Cut a piece of floral wire. This measurement will vary depending on how high or low you want your top jar to hang. Secure one end of the wire to the metal handle by twisting. Secure the other end to the handle on the other side of the jar the same way. This will be the loop from which your top jar will hang.
Step 2:
Cut two pieces of wire and wrap them around the mouths of each of the other two Mason jars, forming a circle. Secure by twisting the ends together.
Step 3:
Cut another piece of wire. Thread one end of this wire under the wire circle that you formed in Step 2. Secure by twisting ends together (shown to the right in the picture above).

Step 4:
Loop the other end of the wire through the metal handle of the large Mason jar and then back under the circle loop on the other side of the small Mason jar. Twist to secure.

Step 5:
Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for the other Mason jar. You should now have all 3 jars hooked together. Hold it up to make sure you like the way it hangs. You can always adjust the wires if you do not like it.
Here Comes the Sun: Mason Jar Luminaries

Step 6:
Squirt hot glue on the bottom of a tea light holder. Place the holder into the jar, securing it to the bottom. To do this, place the tea light holder very gently into the jar and moved it into place with tongs or the handle of a wooden spoon. You will need to do this quickly because the glue dries fast. Don’t worry if the candle holder is not exactly in the center. Repeat this for all 3 jars.

Step 7:
Using tongs, place the tea lights into the holders.

Step 8:
Hang and enjoy. Light the candles using one of those lighters with the long ends.

Here it is at night in all its glory

Here Comes the Sun: Mason Jar Luminaries

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  1. Hi Kelly, I love the idea of the hanging jars. Such a quick and creative idea to add some lighting to the outdoors for the summertime. The blue jar is my favorite and I bet it looks fabulous glowing. Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase party – I greatly appreciate it. I hope you don’t mind that I have included this in today’s features. Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend ~ Stephanie Lynn

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