Melted Crayon Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is all about sweets and decadence. But it’s not very fun when the kids get all hopped up on sugar at school and then run amok when they get home, is it? Instead of giving candy to my daughter’s class this year, I decided to make a cute Melted Crayon Valentine. They are a good alternative to candy and the kids can help make them too.

Melted Crayon Valentine from #valentine

I picked up the heart molds from the dollar bin at Target. Please note that these were labeled as ice cube trays so I’m not really sure these were meant to go in the oven.  Actually I’m pretty sure they weren’t but I decided to try it out anyway.

Melted Crayon Valentine from #valentine

First, take the wrappers off of the crayons.

Melted Crayon Valentine from #valentine
I used a razor blade to score the paper and then it peeled off very easily.  This is a great way to get rid of all the broken crayons laying around.  We had a huge bag of them. The kids liked to sort the crayons by color. My daughter decided that she wanted to use the “pretty colors” so we left out the black and brown crayons.
Melted Crayon Valentine from #valentine
Melted Crayon Valentine from #valentine
Melted Crayon Valentine from #valentine

Break the crayons into small pieces (if needed) and place into the heart mold.

Preheat the oven to about 150 and cook the crayons for about 15 minutes. I would check on them every few minutes because the first batch I did melted the tray a bit.  Oops.
After the crayons have melted, carefully remove the tray from the oven making sure not to shake the tray too much.
Remove the crayons from the tray while it is still slightly warm.  I found that if you wait until they are completely cooled, the crayons are more likely to break.

Melted Crayon Valentine from #valentine

Package the crayons in clear cellophane bags, add some washi tape and a cute tag and you have the perfect Valentine.

Melted Crayon Valentine from #valentine


Melted Crayon Valentine from #valentine

If you would like to use the tags that I made, you can download them for free. Just right click and save.

Have a sweet Valentine’s Day!
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  1. these are such fun Valentine gifts! I love the heart crayons. I love the photo’s What a beautiful arrangement you have there with your colorful crayons and your mason jars. You are ‘Miss Talent’ today! For sure!

    hugs x


  2. So cute! I just need to build up my stash of broken crayons. Maybe I’ll be ready by next Valentine’s Day!

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