Mini Doughnut Apples

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When I think of Fall, I think of hot apple cider and delicious apple cider doughnuts. Have you ever had a cider doughnut? If not, you must try them. Seriously delish. Unfortunately apples do not grow around here and I really really miss picking apples in the Fall. So I decided to make my own mini version of an apple doughnut with a twist.

Mini Doughnut Apples

These are perfect for your next play date or party.

You will need: 
Doughnut holes (unglazed)
1 cup powdered sugar
3-4 tbs. milk
Red and green sugar sprinkles
Green candy crystals

Mix together the milk and powdered sugar.

Place the donut holes on a skewer and pour the sugar/milk glaze over them. Let the excess drip off.

Spoon the green and red sugar sprinkles over the donut holes and place a green crystal candy on top. Place the donut holes on a piece of waxed paper.

How pretty are these?  Almost too pretty to eat. 

Mini Doughnut Apples

I may not have an apple tree to pick from but I bet I have the prettiest apple doughnuts!

Do you go apple picking in the Fall?

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  1. Too cute!! =) They’d be great for a fall party at school! Thanks for sharing it at the Pinterest Power Party!


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