Mod Podge Glitter Art and Giveaway

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I’ve been working hard to decorate our house and turn it from a plain Jane rental into a comfortable and cozy home. My latest project is a gallery wall in our living room. I’m using mostly family pictures but decided to add one small handmade item.

Mod Podge Glitter Art

Mod Podge Glitter Art  I

To make my art, I used new products from Amy Anderson including Mod Podge Rocks! Peel and Stick Stencils and Mod Podge Podgeable glitters.

Mod Podge Glitter Art supplies

There are six awesome stencil design to choose from.


I chose the key stencil and used the key in the botton middle that includes a heart.

So here’s how I made my Mod Podge Glitter Art….

You will need:

Photo frame


Black Sharpie

Mod Podge

Mod Podge Rocks! Peel and Stick Stencils

Mod Podgeable Glitter


Measure your cardstock to fit your frame. Place the peel and stick key stencil in the center  and use the spouncer to dab Mod Podge into the center of your stencil.

Mod Podge Glitter stencils

Be sure there are no air bubbles in your Mod Podge.. you want full glitter coverage.

Mod Podge Glitter stencil

Remove the stencil while the Mod Podge is still wet and cover the Mod Podge with the glitter.  I love these glitter tubes…so easy to use.  I probably used a wee bit too much glitter on this one but you can never really have too much glitter, right?

Mod Podge Glitter

After removing the excess glitter, you can open up the top of the tube and funnel  it back in. Don’t want to waste any of it!  This is what my key looked like after tapping off the excess glitter. You can wait 24 hours for it to dry completely and brush off all the excess glitter OR you can do what I did and use a small paintbrush to brush away the excess. I’m impatient and didn’t want to wait 24 hours.

Mod Podge Glitter key

I added a  saying that will coordinate perfectly with my family photo gallery wall.

Mod Podge glitter art

Mod Podge Glitter Art  I

Now… I’ve got something special for my readers!  I’m giving away one Peel and Stick Stencil.  Enter via Rafflecopter, below.  Giveaway will run for one week.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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