No Sew Faux Roman Shade

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Ever since we moved into our house 3 years ago, I have been wanting to put up a Roman Shade in our kitchen window. I searched many tutorials but all involved sewing, staple guns and drilling into the wall. I don’t really sew, I don’t own a staple gun(GASP!) and I’d like to keep our security deposit intact by doing a renter friendly DIY. And that’s when I came across this tutorial from my friend Liz. I tweaked it a bit (to eliminate the sewing) and made a No Sew Faux Roman Shade. This is so incredibly easy, people! “Why in the world have I not made one for every window in my house?” EASY!

Easy No Sew Roman Shade!

I was so excited to get started that I think I went out the very next day after reading her tutorial to get the supplies. You need 3 tension curtain rods, a curtain and some stitch witchery. And an iron since it is no sew.  I used a curtain that I had left over from when I made my bay window curtain rod. So both my kitchen and dining room curtains match.

Measure the height and width of the inside of your window. Add 2 inches to the width and about 5 inches to the length. Cut your curtain to these dimensions. Fold over an inch on each long side and press. Then use stitch witchery to “sew” the fabric together. You are essentially hemming your fabric on each side. Then, fold over enough fabric on top to create a rod pocket (if your curtain doesn’t already have one) and use the stitch witchery to sew the fabric together.  Repeat this at the bottom of your curtain if it needs hemming.

Place two curtain rods onto your window. Then hang your curtain and place it behind the curtains rods. You will have to do some adjusting of the rods depending on how you want your Roman Shade to look.

Easy No Sew Roman Shade!

Pull the curtain over the top rod and adjust the fold to the desired length. Pin the sides to keep it in place.

Easy No Sew Roman Shade!

Easy No Sew Roman Shade

Do the same thing on with the bottom rod and you’ve got yourself a custom made Roman Shade.  I’m so glad that I finally got this up. And I didn’t need a staple gun or sewing machine to do it!

Easy No Sew Roman Shade!

They match my dining room curtains and they look so much better than the ugly blinds that were up before.

Let’s review…BEFORE

Faux Roman Shade


Easy No Sew Roman Shade

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  1. Oh my gosh, genius! I love how this looks. I too DO NOT sew and am always looking for ways to cheat. I am pinning this, thank you!

  2. These are so cute! I have been meaning to make some curtains for our kitchen window, but this would be perfect!

  3. I love your idea,,, I am going to do this! thanks for sharing and I pinning this too! plus I love your web,,, I subscribed. Happy Easter!

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