Patriotic Fabric Wreath

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When summer hits, things slow down around our house. The days get lazy and I become very unmotivated to do anything except sit in the A/C to avoid melting in the blistering heat. I love to build things but working with power tools in the sweltering garage or the yard is just not my idea of fun. But projects like this Patriotic Fabric Wreath are perfect for these hot summer days. I made this one in a few hours with some simple supplies.

 Make this Patriotic Fabric Wreath with this easy tutorial!
this post contains affiliate links

Let me show you how easy it is to make this festive Patriotic fabric wreath.

Fabric in red, white and blue (approx. 1 yard of each)
Using the rotary cutter, cut strips of fabric approximately 2 inches wide and approximately 16 inches long.  I used scrap fabric that I had on hand so I’m not sure of the exact amount of fabric.  I would suggest starting with 1 yard of each style fabric. You can also use scissors to cut the fabric but a rotary cutter makes it easier and faster.
After you have cut strips from each fabric, take one piece of fabric and double knot it around the metal wreath form. Continue to knot the fabric around the wreath form until it is filled up.
 Make this Patriotic Fabric Wreath with this easy tutorial!
If you are going to have it outside for an extended period of time or if you don’t have a covered porch, you may want to spray the fabric with a spray that is designed to repel water and moisture so your wreath doesn’t mildew.What I love about this fabric wreath is that it’s very light so I am able to hang it on my front door with a 3M hook and not worry about it falling off. I can also store it easily and I don’t have to worry about it getting smushed.
 Make this Patriotic Fabric Wreath with this easy tutorial!


  1. nice idea kelly.I certainly have enough patriotic scraps round to make a dozen wreaths-one more way to cut down my fabric stash

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