Peep Push Pops

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What’s your favorite Easter candy?  

Jellybeans?  Cadbury Cream Eggs?  Chocolate? Behold…the mother of all Easter Candy..the PEEP.  They are just so darn cute and versatile.  I’ve seen everything from Peep Cakes to Peep S’Mores to dipped tuxedo Peeps.  Yes, people dress up their Peeps!

So I have for you…Peep Push Pops.  Try saying THAT 5 times fast!  These are sure to be a hit at your Easter party.  However, you may want to let the kiddos out to play after they eat these.  They will have LOTS of energy 🙂

Here Comes the Sun: Peep Push Pops
It was my daughter’s idea to put the chick in the picture.  When I told her that we were going to make an Easter treat, she went straight to her room, got some stuffed animals and said “here can use these in your pictures”.  You know you’re a blogger when…. 🙂

So you want to know how to make them, right?  It’s pretty straightforward but I’ve got one little twist…

Bake you cake per the directions on the box.  Use whatever flavor you want.  I used a basic yellow cake.  After your cake has cooled, cut the top off so that it is flat. Use the push pop tube to cut circles from the cake.  My circles were a bit thick so I cut them in half.

Here Comes the Sun: Peep Push Pops
Push one cake circle into the bottom of the push pop tube.

Here Comes the Sun: Peep Push Pops

Now here is the twist…I don’t use frosting.  I use Cool Whip.  I couldn’t get the frosting the right consistency and I had Cool Whip on hand so I decided to give it a try and it worked perfectly.  First I tinted it with Wilton gel coloring in Aqua and then I used a regular plastic bag and a star shaped tip to pipe the frosting onto the cake.  It’s a little bit white in the picture below because I didn’t mix it enough.  Use a styrofoam block to hold your push pop in place while you pipe your frosting.

Here Comes the Sun: Peep Push Pops

Here Comes the Sun: Peep Push Pops

Place another layer of cake on top and then another layer of Cool Whip.  You will be able to get about 2 or three layers of cake in each tube depending on how thick your cake layers are.

Here Comes the Sun: Peep Push Pops

And then the adorable little Peep sits right on top!

Here Comes the Sun: Peep Push Pops

Too cute to eat I tell you!  Too cute.

Here Comes the Sun: Peep Push Pops

Will Peeps be in your Easter baskets this year?


  1. How cute! I’ve seen some cake push-pops, but I love adding the Peeps to it. I hadn’t thought to use Cool Whip either, interesting twist. These make me want some cake! 🙂

  2. These are too cute! I’m actually featuring these along with some other awesome Easter crafts in a round-up on Friday! 🙂

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