Play Make-up

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Do you have a little girl who likes to be just like mommy?  Well, I do.  She loves all things girly and loves to pretend to put on make-up.  I made her this simple play make-up so she can be just like me.  It is very simple and quick.



You need an empty eyeshadow or blush container and a bottle of nail polish.
Simply clean and dry the container and fill with nail polish. And yes, that is Wet n Wild nail polish.  I prefer to use the cheaper brands on projects like this. 
Let dry and you have play make-up for your little girl.  The one that I made can do double duty as lipstick or blush!
I recommend doing this in a well ventilated area or the nail polish fumes can overwhelm you.  Trust me on this one.
Pretty easy don’t ya think?


  1. does this ever chip or break apart. I love this idea, just wanna make sure my kid wouldnt be putting it on her mouth if it does. 🙂

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