Salt Dough Olympic Medals

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My kids are really getting into the Olympics, especially the swimming.  “Mommy… they swim fast!”  I made these super easy Salt Dough Olympic Medals for them to wear so they can feel like they are a part of it all.
Salt Dough Olympic Medals I
I followed the recipe from The Imagination Tree.
Roll out your dough and cut out circles using a cookie cutter or in our case, a small mason jar.
Salt Dough Olympic Medals I
Using a straw, poke a hole through the top of each medal.
Salt Dough Olympic Medals I
We used some scrapbooking stamps to stamp the numbers into the medals.
Salt Dough Olympic Medals I
Bake the medals in the oven at 210 degrees F for 2 hours, turning them over after one hour. Using acrylic paints, paint them gold, silver and bronze (or as close to those colors as you can get!).  Paint the numbers black and thread a piece of ribbon through the hole.
Salt Dough Olympic Medals I
Now your little Olympians can display their medal proudly!

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