Santa Belly Ornament

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This is a craft that I shared as a guest post at Happy Hour Projects a few days ago.  It is great for the kids and I hope you find time to share this craft with your kids this season. With the holidays quickly approaching, I have been doing many cute crafts with my daughter.  Her face lights up when I break out the craft supplies.  My 2-year old is a bit rambunctious to sit still for crafts but hopefully someday he can participate too.  We have made several ornaments this season for our tree and this is our Santa Belly ornament.

This is super easy and quick to make.  
Here is what you need:

Clear ornament that you can fill
Red shredded gift bag/basket filler
Black sharpie
Yellow acrylic paint

1. Fill the ornament with the red shredded gift bag filler. Kids love this step.
2. Draw Santa’s belt onto the ornament with a black sharpie marker.  
3. Paint a yellow buckle on the belt in the center of the ornament.
I used the box that the ornament came in as a drying rack.  It was then that I noticed that the buckle was completely crooked. Oops.  So to fix it up a bit…
I drew a black outline of how I wanted the buckle to look and then filled it in with paint. Let the first coat of paint dry and add a second coat. I then made the belt a bit thicker to go with the bigger belt buckle.
4. Draw a black square in the middle of the buckle
5. Tie on a pretty ribbon and hang from your tree.
I think it turned out pretty good!  We have several new handmade ornaments on our tree this year and I have found that this has been one of the funnest projects to share with my daughter.  She loves to help and loves to hang the finished product on the tree.  

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