10 Gorgeous Script Fonts You Need to Get Today

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Hi. My name is Kelly and I LOVE fonts. I seriously can’t get enough of them. But I keep grabbing up fonts because there are just so many gorgeous styles out there. And fonts are my passion. Currently I’m in love with script fonts. They look great on a watercolor background and you can also use them to create beautiful coloring pages.  Today I’m sharing 10 Gorgeous Script Fonts with you.  These are all fonts that currently reside on my computer.

These gorgeous script fonts add the perfect touch to any project. Links to download them found at herecomesthesunblog.net

The following list contains affiliate links.

 allura / edelwies / bruselo script / nightly poem / ck caroline /

hefalo script / mastura script / amigirl script / azurra script / starshine

These are some of the fonts that I use in a majority of my work. For example, I used ck caroline in my blog header and also in the sidebars.  I use allura, bruselo script and nightly poem on a lot of my images. Please note that not all of these fonts are free.  Make sure to check the license for each individual font for commercial use requirements.


Here are some great uses for script fonts!

Coloring pages


Watercolor printable


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