Star Wars Shirt with Glitter Vinyl

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Star Wars is a staple in our house. Ever since my son’s Star Wars birthday party 2 years ago, he has been obsessed. So I was slightly shocked that we had to explain the significance of May 4th to him.  And after we explained it, the conversation moved to Star Wars shirts and how the whole family needed them.  And when someone in my family wants a shirt, you can better believe I’m going to make said shirt.

Create your own Star Wars shirt with glitter vinyl and this easy tutorial!


May 4th calls for extra special shirts which is why I used GLITTER VINYL! Projects like this are so easy with a Silhouette machine and heat transfer vinyl (HTV).

There was just one problem. I had only 2 piece of 8.5 x 11 glitter vinyl and 2 shirts to make. Yikes.

How to Make a Star Wars Shirt

Then I got the genius idea of using an outline font called Star Jedi Hollow. Two in one, double duty. BAM! You can thank me later for that one. If you need a detailed tutorial on how to work with heat transfer vinyl, you can find one here.

On your Silhouette, you may want to set your cutting blade a bit higher than normal. I set mine at 4 but maybe my blade is just getting dull. Make sure to do a test cut first so you don’t waste vinyl.

Using Star Jedi Hollow, type out your words and size them.  After you cut your design, weed out the inside of the letters and place them aside for use on one shirt. The picture below shows the vinyl weeded out and just the outline remaining.

Create your own Star Wars shirt with glitter vinyl and this easy tutorial!

Center your design and iron on the outlined letters to one shirt.

Now go back to the solid letters and place them on a shirt as evenly as possible. If you have extra transfer tape, use it to line your letters up. Then, iron in place.

Create your own Star Wars shirt with glitter vinyl and this easy tutorial!

I’m pretty impressed with myself that I got 2 shirts from one small piece of vinyl.

Create your own Star Wars shirt with glitter vinyl and this easy tutorial!

Because when Star Wars is the topic, no one wants to wait for extra vinyl to come in the mail.

May the Fourth Be With You!

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  1. Wow, these look awesome! Love how these turned out, and it seems like the little ones are loving it, too!. DIY projects can sometimes be intimidating, but thorough, detailed instructions and steps like this that have photographs to illustrate make it much easier! Nicely done! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. These shirts turned out so stinkin’ cute! The kids are great models for those. I love DIY projects but especially this one for Star Wars day! Awesome post, thanks for providing all the steps and directions, I’ll definitely have to try this out for the Star Wars fans in my life!

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