Summer Boredom Buster Jar

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Mo-om, I’m BORED! 
I know you ALL have heard it.  All of you with school-aged children, that is.  In my house, it is usually followed by “can I watch {insert favorite tv program here}”
We are in the middle of summer.  A month and a half down, a month and a half till Back to School time.  We have already taken our mini-vacation and don’t have any other trips planned.  A stay at the grandparent’s house is coming soon but other than that, we’re hanging here the rest of the summer.
I knew SOMETHING had to be done pronto to bust the boredom.
Here is my take on the summer boredom buster jar.  
All you need is a clear jar, some washi tape and some popsicle sticks.
Wrap the washi tape around the jar any way you choose.
Choose a few activities that your kids like and write them on the popsicle sticks.  I chose activities that were free {or relatively cheap}.  
The only activity that we have to drive to is bowling and I signed up for the Kids Bowl Free this summer so all we have to pay for is shoe rental.  The pool is our neighborhood pool and we can walk to it. I’ve got six activities and can add more if I need to and switch them out if they just aren’t working to keep the kids entertained.  I tried to use some activities that encourage independent play and some that I am involved in too.  
When I hear those dreaded words, I just hold the jar out and the kids pick a stick.  Problem solved {hopefully}!


I hope you are having a wonderful summer.  
What kinds of activities are you doing with your kids to keep them entertained?

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