Sunburst Mirror

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Have you seen the sunburst mirrors popping up all over the place lately?

I have wanted one forever. I. LOVE. them. But my wallet does not. Finally found one that I liked and alas, it was close to 400 bucks. Not gonna happen. So I was more than thrilled to find out how to make one here.

You will need:

1.10 inch mirror ($3.99 at Michael’s…but use that 40% off coupon)
2. 2 packs of bamboo skewers (I found mine in the
grilling section of the local grocery store.. .99 cents for a pack of 100)
3. Picture hangers and wire
4. Spray paint

Measure 1 inch from the pointed end of the bamboo skewers and mark.

Make a circle template divided into 16 sections for the back of your mirror. Hot glue the template to the back of the mirror. I taped the template down first and then glued around the edges so I did not get any “bubbles” is the middle of the template. Attach your skewers to the template, making sure to line up the marks with the edge of the paper. Use LOTS of glue. LOTS and LOTS of glue.
After you have the 16 skewers in place, create a pattern that you can repeat between each of the 16. For my pattern, I chose to use 6 skewers in each “slice”. I found that anymore than 6 did not fit. If you like a more random look to your sunburst, you don’t need to create a pattern. You can just glue the skewers on in any formation that you like. Remember you can never have too much glue in this step. Put hot glue in every crevice to hold the skewers in place.
Once the glue is fully dry, cover the mirror with saran wrap and tape the edges. Spray paint the skewers. I used Valspar Metallic. Use as many coats as you need to get your desired effect. I only needed one coat but you may need more. Sorry I do not have a pic of this step. It was about 100 degrees out that day so the less time I spent outside the better. Just put down a tarp, newspaper, plastic…whatever and spray.

After the paint is dry, cut a square out of the paper pattern on the back of the mirror using an exacto knife. Adhere the picture hangers to the mirror with Gorilla glue. You want to adhere the hangers directly to the mirror and not the paper. Thread the picture wire through the hangers and twist to secure.
The back of the finished product (minus the picture wire)
Hang on your wall and enjoy the mirror that you just made for less than 10 bucks. I hung mine with 3M Command strips to avoid damage the walls. I really liked how this turned out. I hung mine over our bed.

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  1. nicely done! We just saw one of these mirrors in a model home, thinking of using straws but bamboo skewers work well! thanks!

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