"Thanks for helping me GROW" Flowerpot

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My daughter graduated Pre-K this week. {sniff sniff}.  Next year she will go to kindergarten.  To say I am a bit teary eyed is an understatement.  I absolutely adored her teachers this year.  She has grown and learned so much since the Fall, it really amazes me.
The craft that I am sharing with you today was actually made for Teacher’s Appreciation Week last month.  But it could easily be given as an end-of-the-year gift too.


“Thanks for Helping Me Grow” Flowerpot
"Thanks for Helping Me Grow Flowerpot" - the perfect teacher appreciation gift!


I first discovered this cute idea from Giggles Galore.  I posted it in my Teacher Appreciation Gift round-up.  Are you ready to see how to make it?
Terra Cotta Flowerpot
Yellow paint
Black paint
White paint
Tape measure


Paint the base of your flowerpot black. Paint the rim of the pot yellow. I think these two things are fairly self-explanatory, hence no pics for this step.  If you are desperate for pics, you can check it out below 🙂
Wrap the tape measure around the rim of the pot.  Using a sharpie, mark the measurement lines.
Here Comes the Sun: Thanks for Helping Me Grow Flowerpot
Remove the tape measure and draw the numbers on with the sharpie.
Here Comes the Sun: Thanks for Helping Me Grow Flowerpot
Paint the words “Thanks for helping me GROW” on the pot and put some pretty flowers in it.
Here Comes the Sun: Thanks for Helping Me Grow Flowerpot
I also put my daughter’s name and year on the back.
Here Comes the Sun: Thanks for Helping Me Grow Flowerpot
I actually used chalkboard paint for this project rather than black paint.  At first, I wrote the words on with chalk.  However, the chalk was easily smudged and I decided I wanted to make things more permanent with paint instead of chalk.
My daughter’s teacher’s LOVED these gifts.



  1. My son’s last day of school’s coming up and I was going to make a flower pot craft for his teacher. Now that I saw yours, I’m totally stealing your idea! Thanks for sharing!! Love it!
    XO, Barbara

  2. This is just too cute! I teach 5th grade Math and I would have loved this! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Stop by Apples and Peanut Butter to find out more. Have a great week!

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