Thumbprint Turkey Card

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Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching.  It’s time to break out the super stretch waistband pants.  Oh wait… that is my everyday wardrobe 🙂 How many of you send Thanksgiving cards to family?  We have never sent them in the past but this year we will be sending these cute Thumbprint Turkey Cards.

thanksgiving thumbprint card

These are made from your child’s thumbprints and fingerprints.  I love doing this type of art.  It’s such a great way to record your child’s growth.  You can see our other handprint/footprint art here.

The cards are super easy to make.  Fold a piece of cardstock in half and then in half again to form a card. Use your child’s thumbprint to make the head and body and their fingerprints to make the feathers.

I used a paintbrush to paint acrylic paint onto the kids’ thumbs and fingers.  You can also use tempera paint.  I brushed it on because it can get kind of gloppy if my kids dunk their hands into the paint.  Since we are sending these to family, I wanted the turkeys to be recognizable. Keep a pack of baby wipes handy to clean little fingers between colors.

I used markers to add eyes and the red thingy below the neck.  What is that thing called anyway? I wrote simple saying below the turkey and will let the kids write their message on the inside. These would even look cute in a little frame.

thanksgiving thumbprint card

I helped each kid with one of the cards and then I let them do another one completely on their own.  Here are the other three. The top left is my 3-year old’s (with help). Top right is my 6-year old’s on her own.  Bottom is my 3-year old’s own take on a turkey.

thumbprint thanksgiving card

Do you make art with your child’s hand/foot/finger prints?

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