5 Essential Tips to Style a Mock Up Like a Boss

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Way back when I started this blog, I didn’t give much thought to the pictures that I put on it.  They were small thumbnails that really didn’t do much for my posts. They weren’t “selling” my posts and were more of a distraction than anything. Fast forward a few years and my blog has turned from a hobby to a business.  One thing I have learned is that photos are crucial to on online business. A great photo can skyrocket your sales and a bad photo can sink them.  I’ve taken many a bad photos in my day.  If you need proof, just check out some of my earliest posts. YIKES! Over the years, I’ve learned tips on how to take better photos. More recently, I’ve learned that a good mock up can really skyrocket a business. Did you know that you can style a mock up yourself?

These essential tips will help you style a mock up for your business that will get results!



A mock up is an arrangement of text and pictures.


1. Use a simple background – whether you choose white, black or woodgrain, keep it simple!  You want your product and text to pop!

2. Use items that relate to your business – if you are promoting a book or e-course, style your background with things such as a keyboard and pencils. If you are promoting items like party decor, use colored ribbons, confetti and party supplies. Here is a recent mock up that I made for my graphic design business.

mock up


3. Use items that are the same color for a cohesive look.  Or if you are using objects with different colors, make sure they are in the same color palette. Here is an example of a recent mock up I did for services that I offer.  I chose an aqua theme for this mock up. To be honest, I did not photograph this one myself. This is a mock up that I created using a scene creator that I purchased through Creative Market. But you definitely CAN photograph something like this one your own.

lularoe flyer


4. Photograph your mock-up in natural light, if possible – I like to place my background on my kitchen table and then move the table as close as possible to my bay window.

5. Take your photo  in a way that makes sense for your product or service – Whether you choose to shoot from the top down or straight on, use a set-up that complements what you are trying to sell.

Photos are crucial to your online business. Now you have the tools to stage them like a boss! Use these tips and skyrocket your sales! Have you ever styled your own mock up?  Do you have any tips?  I’d love to hear them! Leave your tip in the comments below.

These essential tips will help you style the perfect mock up for your business!

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