Upcycle a Metal Rack into a Wall Art Photo Display

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Here Comes the Sun: Wall Art Photo Display

I bought this metal rack at a yard sale a couple years ago. I have no idea what it was used for previously but I knew I could make something amazing out of it. It’s very big and sturdy and it was destined for greatness. It sat lonely and rusted in my garage while I pondered what to do with it. 

Here Comes the Sun: Wall Art Photo Display

I was very excited when I got the chance to try out Modern Masters Metallic Paint collection.  I knew that my lonely metal rack would look great in a new coat of Sapphire Blue and had plans to transform the metal into a photo display that doubles as wall art.

I dug my metal rack out of the garage and went to work, First I cleaned it with soap and water, making sure to remove any areas of flaking metal. You can use a wire brush for this step but since there weren’t too many flaking areas, I just peeled the flakes off by hand. 

Next, I used a sponge brush to paint a nice coat of blue onto the metal rack. I used a big sponge brush to cover a lot of area at once and painted in nice even strokes.  After the top was painted, I used the sponge brush and dabbed paint into the areas that did not get covered.
Her Comes the Sun: Metal Wall Art Tutorial

After it dried, I added some embellishments and photos.  

Here Comes the Sun: Metal Wall Art

“Create Joy” was the theme of SNAP Conference and I thought it was a perfect reminder for me as a creative blogger. I coated chipboard letters in glitter for this look. I attached the letters to the wall art with hot glue.  The paper banner came in my swag bag from SNAP and so did the flowers that I used on the magnets. To make the magnets, I simply hot glued buttons to the magnets and then hot glued the flowers to the buttons. I also weaved a white ribbon around the outside.

Here Comes the Sun: Metal Wall Art Photo Display

My kids are two of my biggest joys so I thought it was appropriate to put their pictures on my “Create Joy” photo display.

Here Comes the Sun:  Metal Wall Art

I absolutely love the shimmery effect of the metallic paint.  I think it adds the perfect touch to my photo display wall art. You could use something like this in any room in the house.  I’m using it in our master bedroom but it would look great in a craft room too.

Have you ever used metallic paint?  You can find a Modern Masters local retailer here or order online here.

Next week I’ll be giving away some Modern Masters Metallic Paint to one lucky reader!  You won’t want to miss it!

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