Washi Tape Chalkboard

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Chalkboard Art seems to be very popular these days. If you missed my round-up post this past weekend where I shared some amazing chalkboard projects, you can find it here.  The washi tape craze is still going strong too.  I’ve combined the two to create a customized Washi Tape Chalkboard for my kitchen.

Here Comes the Sun: Washi Tape Chalkboard

This washi tape chalkboard project is super easy.  I could have hung up a plain old chalkboard but I wanted to add a bit of spunk to it. Hmmm… what to use?  Enter washi tape. This stuff is truly amazing.  

I chose a washi tape with a gray striped pattern and lined the edges of the chalkboard with the tape. On each of the long sides of the chalkboard, I used 3 pieces of tape. I lined the first piece of tape up with the edge of the chalkboard.  

Here Comes the Sun: Washi Tape Chalkboard

I  placed the second piece of washi tape next to the first, lined up the pattern, and folded it over toward the chalkboard. Make a small snip in the corner so it folds easy.

Here Comes the Sun: Washi Tape Chalkboard

I placed the third piece of washi tape, on the outside edge of the chalkboard, lined up the pattern and folded it under toward the backside of the chalkboard.

On each of the short sides of the chalkboard, I cut short lengths of washi tape and lined up the pattern across the top and bottom.  I let the washi tape overhang onto the chalkboard and then cut the excess off with a razor. The pattern got a bit “off” at the edge but not too much that it really bothered me.

Here Comes the Sun: Washi Tape Chalkboard

Here Comes the Sun: Washi Tape Chalkboard

Here Comes the Sun: Washi Tape Chalkboard

Need a few tips on how to create beautiful chalkboard art?  Check out this post.

Here it is in my kitchen:

Here Comes the Sun: Washi Tape Chalkboard

I like the way it looks like the washi tape stripes are painted on the wood of the chalkboard. My plain, blah kitchen is coming along.  I find it so difficult to personalize things when you live in a rental.  But I’ve got a few more projects in mind for my kitchen that I can’t wait to share.

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  1. So cute! I used washi tape to dress up a plain console table and message board for our house. The uses are truly endless 🙂

  2. So cute! I totally need to get myself some Washi tape and try some of these darling projects!

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