10 Ways to Organize that Won’t Break the Bank

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Organizing your home can be a pain.  The task is so overwhelming to me but I know that it needs to get done.  I’m the type of person who cannot function surrounded by mess and clutter. I’m filled with anxiety and I just cannot get any work  done in an area that is disorganized and cluttered.  I’ve tried countless ways to organize and a lot of them just don’t work for me. But I have found some ways to organize that I absolutely love AND that are affordable.

These simple solutions will help you take care of all the clutter.

how to organize without breaking the bank

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FABRIC BINS – I’m putting these at the top of the list because they seriously saved my sanity when my daughter’s room got out of control. I first bought these about 4 years ago and the system is still in place and still works.

WIRE SHELVING – This is the system that we use in my son’s closet.  I like it because it is customizable and you can build it to fit your space.  It’s durable and has stood up to 4 years of my son’s rough and tough beating that he gives it daily.

ROLLING CART WITH DRAWERS –  I use this rolling cart for some of my craft supplies and I also have a drawer designated for each kid that I keep special momentos in. This cart fits nicely into my closet and the clear drawers make it easy for me to see what is inside. I also put labels on the outside of each drawer for easy reference. You can also use the cart to organize documents that you don’t need on a daily basis but don’t want to go digging for if you need them

CUBE STORAGE – I love cube storage because you can use it in conjunction with fabric bins.  I have a similar storage system in my closet for (the rest) of my craft supplies. We also have a cube storage system in our living room that we use for storage and as a decorative piece and one in our entryway that we use for shoe storage.

WICKER BASKETS – Wicker baskets are my favorite type of storage container when it comes to decorative storage. We use wicker baskets in our entryway to store our shoes. We also use them in the tv cabinet to store dvds. Add them to any cube storage unit for a decorative (and functional) touch! I prefer the light colored baskets but there are so many available to match with any decor.

PEGBOARD – A pegboard is a great way to store items in a craft room, kitchen or a garage. You can paint it to match the decor of any room and organize your stuff in an attractive way.

FILE FOLDERS – I use file folders on the side of my fridge. I have three; one for each kid and one labeled “coupons”. Important papers go in the kids’ folders and the other folder is pretty self explanatory.PLASTIC BINSThis may sound simple and basic but plastic bins are one of the best ways to organize.  They come in all different sizes and price points.  I use them everywhere: under the bed storage, kids’ toy storage, seasonal decoration and out-of-season clothes storage.  There is a bin size for pretty much everything.DRAWER ORGANIZERS I use drawer organizers shown below in the bathroom to corral all the little stuff like bobby pins, hair ties, nail files and nail polish.  Drawer organizers come in many different sizes and configurations and you can use them to organize your sock drawer, desk drawer, kitchen drawer, nightstand drawer etc.

MASON JARS – I can’t forget about mason jars. I have these beauties all over my house.  In the kids’ rooms they store pencils, pens, crayons and markers. In the bathroom, I use them to store my make up brushes and cotton balls. They also work great in the pantry for storing things such as homemade mixes and spices. And they work great the laundry room for clothespins, detergent and fabric softener.



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