Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

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I loooove jewelry and have had it in a jewelry box forever. But I realized that since it was all crammed into the box, I didn’t really know what I had and I only wore a few pieces that I didn’t have to dig for. I decided to display my jewelry on a Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer.

DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

First, you need some wine corks. I had no problem acquiring these. I had a whole jar full of them just waiting to be used. If you’re not a drinker, maybe one of your friends can lend you some corks. If none of your friends drink wine, you can use corkboard instead. You will also need a picture frame, a piece if cardboard cut to fit the frame, mug hooks and a hot glue gun. Lay out your corks to make sure that you have enough to fit your frame.

wine cork

After you have laid them out in a pattern that you like, hot glue them to the cardboard. If you find that you need to trim some corks to make them fit, use a bread knife to cut the corks. I had to trim a few of mine at the bottom.

wine corks

Twist mug hooks into the corks. These hooks will be used to hang earrings that don’t have a post. You can also hang necklaces and bracelets on these hooks. If you have earrings with posts, you can just stick  the posts into the corks.

diy jewelry organizer

I glued two champagne corks to the bottom of my frame to use for necklaces.

jewelry organizer

Place the cork-covered cardboard into the frame and hang on your wall with 3M strips.

jewelry organization

I love that my jewelry is now organized neatly and displayed in a pretty way.

jewelry hooks

jewelry holder

DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

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  1. This is great!!! I was just brainstorming on how I would revamp my current jewelry organization which is pretty much non-existent at this point.

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