Are you a "No-Reply" Commenter ? How To Fix It!

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Here’s the scenario:
You are trying to build your blogging community.  You are commenting on other’s blogs but you never receive responses.  You begin to wonder why.  WHY don’t other bloggers respond to your comments?  Sometimes it may be because the blog’s author is extremely busy.   But more often than not, the other blogger WANTS to respond but can’t because they cannot contact you.  
Why?  Because you are a “No-Reply” Commenter.
How to Fix "No-Reply-Comment" on Blogger
Are you confused about what that means?   I’ll try to simplify it for you:
Every comment I receive on my blog goes directly to my email.    This way, I can respond to comments as I get them, even when I am on the go.  I type my reply and hit “send” and my response gets sent to the commenter’s inbox.  However, before I respond, I check to see what email address my response will be sent to.  And all too often this is what I see:
Uh oh.  If I hit “send”, my email goes nowhere and the commenter probably thinks that I don’t care about their comment because they never receive a response. This is not the case.  I read (and try to respond) to every comment. I LOVE when you comment on my blog and I want to be able to respond to you.
So here is what you can do to make sure I can respond to your comments via email:
Go to your blogger dashboard.  Click on the dropdown menu in the upper right corner and choose “Blogger Profile”.
Click the “edit profile” button.


Check the box next to “show my email address”.


That’s it! Easy, right?
So please check your settings.  It only takes a few minutes and then I will be able to respond to your sweet comments.



  1. There seems to be a problem when switching over to Google plus for some reason – a lot of us end up no-reply bloggers just from doing that!!!
    The fix is a little more complicated – but FLUSTER BUSTER offers a step by step tutorial for this!!!
    I had a no reply fix on my site – and didn’t realize I was a no reply blogger from the day I switched over lol – how embarrassing!
    Hoping I’ve fixed it!

  2. No Reply drives me batty! I don’t get a ton of comments from people outside my little “group”, but occasionally I’ll get someone to whom I’d love to respond…or even someone who asks a question. I then have to feel like a stalker, going to their blog, leaving a comment and asking for their email address. Hahaha!

    Pssst…can your next “public service announcement” be able captcha? 😉

  3. I was a no reply blogger forever with my other blog. I didn’t even know you could correspond through email. I thoughtit was all done in the comments section.

    Then when I started my current blog I was quickly and kindly notified by a fellow blogger that I was a no reply blogger so I changed that ASAP.

    At the time I still didn’t know what the big deal was! But as my little blog has started to grow and I’ve been responding to comments through email – which is faster and way more personal, btw – I realized there are SO MANY NO REPLY BLOGGERS!!! And I’ll type out a hilarious response to them, which they MUST read then I find out they’re…DUN DUN DUN…a no reply blogger. That’s when I got the frustration so may other bloggers have with this issue.

    Just wanted to share my own slow to come experience with this!

    Have a good Sunday!

  4. great post! I will be checking this out and seeing if I am one of those people! I do not like to be on the other end, so I know what you mean! Thanks for the advice!

  5. Hi! This seems like a very easy fix, yet I have spent 20 mins trying to find it and have had no luck. I don’t see anything that says “edit profile”. I keep trying different things but cannot get to the spot I need to be to correct this. I am a newer blogger, so I am probably doing something wrong, but maybe you have an idea why this is not working for me?


  6. Hi Kelly, thanks for this tip. I’m going to check my settings and take care of this today! Ironically enough, as I’m reading your post today, my blog is getting more comments than ever before. The emails that I get that DO have a valid email address I am replying that way. For the no-reply comments, I am just replying on the comments part of my blog. This made me wonder though…first, then it seems like I am only replying to SOME people’s comments when I am really replying to everyone. If I ONLY replied to comments ON the blog, would people with a valid email receive an email that I replied to their comment, or no? I’m just wondering what is the best way to reply to everyone? Thanks!

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