DIY Monogrammed Stool {with Vinyl}

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I’m a bit obsessed with monograms. I would monogram everything in my house if I could. So I’m very excited to share this project with you.

Here Comes the Sun: Monogrammed Stool with Vinyl

I picked up this beauty at a flea market for 12 bucks and got right to work. I probably didn’t need to sand it since it was so roughed up but I sanded it anyway just to be safe.

Here Comes the Sun: Monogrammed Stool with Vinyl

After a good sanding, I gave it about four coats of  Valspar Paint and Primer in One in semigloss white.  This is the stool after one coat.

Here Comes the Sun: Monogrammed Stool with Vinyl

A few furniture painting tips:

Don’t put your coats on too thick.  A few thin coats will look much better than one thick gloppy coat.  And it will dry a lot faster.

If painting something like a stool or chair, paint the outside first and let dry.  Then flip it over and paint the underside 

Here it is after 4 coats.  

Would you believe that as I was painting this it was about 50 or 60 degrees outside but by the time I was finished, it was soooo cold that I had to bring it inside?  Hence the indoor picture.  And then later that afternoon it actually snowed!  I live in NC so this is a big deal. 

I used my Silhouette to cut out the monogram and my daughter’s name.  The font that I used for the monogram was Janda Stylish Script.  I used Times New Roman for her name. I’ve been collecting a bunch of free fonts lately.  Anyone else obsessed with fonts? You can check out my collection on Pinterest, here.  You aren’t following me on Pinterest? You should. You can find all of my boards here.

The final product.  

Here Comes the Sun: Monogrammed Stool with Vinyl

Here Comes the Sun: Monogrammed Stool with Vinyl

A very easy and cheap project that took one afternoon. That’s my kind of project!

Where in my house did this stool end up?  That’s another post that you’ll have to come back for!


  1. Loving the font you used! I am doing wedding cookies with a monogram for my cousin’s wedding and that would be perfect. Great job with the stool!

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